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Sunday to Monday Winds to Whip France to Amsterdam

Locally damaging winds will sweep across northern Europe to end the weekend and start the new week.

On the heels of a cold front spreading heavy thunderstorms across northern Europe on Sunday, a new storm system will race in from the Atlantic with quick-hitting gusty winds.

The winds will clip northwestern Spain Sunday afternoon before sweeping into western France at night. Windy conditions will spread eastward across northern France to Belgium to the Netherlands Monday into Monday night.

"Wind gusts of 65 to 80 kph (40 to 50 mph) are expected with isolated gusts potentially reaching 95 kph (60 mph)," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards. The greatest opportunity for those strongest winds will be at the coast.

These winds will be capable of producing localized damage, especially to trees and loose lawn items, and sporadic power outages. Travel may become difficult or slow for high-profile vehicles, while airline passengers should prepare for possible flight delays.

Cities in the path of the howling winds include Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam. London will escape the locally damaging wind threat but not the cool rain that will put a damper on outdoor plans on Monday.

Europe Weather Outlook

The steady band of rain set to wet London will fall near the storm's center with spottier showers expected to the south.

Unsettled weather will not leave northern Europe with the departure of this storm system. Another system, albeit weaker, will sweep over the United Kingdom and areas toward the English Channel with more showers and a gusty breeze on Tuesday.