Downpours to Drench New England, Hold off in Mid-Atlantic This Weekend

Dry air which pushed to the mid-Atlantic coast will not be enough to keep New England free of rain this weekend.

The front has stalled as expected, but about 50 miles farther east than originally thought.

In this position, much of the weekend will be dry in New York City and Philadelphia, but not in Boston.

Showers and thunderstorms will frequent New England, especially southern and eastern areas, where there is the potential for flash flooding.

Other locations that can receive a downpour include Long Island, New York, and some of the beaches from New Jersey to the Delmarva Peninsula. Showers could spread to the New York City to Philadelphia corridors on Sunday.

Interior Sunshine, Downpours Near the Coast and Danny

From the western suburbs of New York City to the Chesapeake Bay on west to Ohio and southern Ontario, dry air will prevent clouds, let alone rainfall. The only potential concern would be patchy early morning fog along the river valleys.

The weather away from New England will be great for outdoor plans, ballgames and projects, including the Little League Baseball® World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

The weather this weekend away from the rainy spots near the coast will feature warm afternoons and cool nights, more typical of the middle of September, rather than the middle of August.

In the Atlantic, a broad area of disturbed weather near Bermuda could spin up a tropical system. Regardless of development or not, there may be locally rough surf developing in the coastal Northeast.

Farther south, Hurricane Danny continues to head west-northwestward on a path toward the northern Caribbean next week, most likely in a weakened state. Cruise and vacation interests will want to monitor the track and strength of Danny. will continue to provide updates on all systems in the tropics.