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UK: Odd Showers Friday, Heavy Bouts of Rain This Weekend

Strong low pressure will remain anchored to the northwest of the UK Friday. The counter-clockwise flow of air around the low will spin gusty winds and odd showers across the UK.

While a moderate breeze is expected in London, winds will be blowing near-gale force across parts of Scotland and Ireland.

Europe: Unsettled in United Kingdom

Afternoon temperatures on Friday will vary from 25 degrees across parts of southeast England to near 20 across Wales. Temperatures across Ireland will be in the upper 10s. Temperatures in Scotland will vary from 10 in the highest elevations to near 20 at the coasts.

A new low pressure will form on Saturday just to the southwest of the UK. This will bring heavier and steadier rainy periods. However, most of the rain will fall to the west of London. In fact, it will be very warm in London Saturday with a high in the upper 20s.

Rainfall tallies through the weekend may exceed 25 mm in parts of Wales, western England and Scotland. Areas of minor flooding could occur.

Rainy periods are expected in London and Southeast England on Sunday, where they can be heavy.