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UK: Rainy Periods Persist Into the Weekend

While strong high pressure remains anchored over Scandinavia, a stagnant low pressure system south of Iceland will send multiple fronts and storm systems into the United Kingdom through the weekend.

One such front will cause widespread showers across Ireland, Northern Ireland, Wales and the west coasts of Scotland and England tomorrow. A steady rain will taper off around daybreak across southeastern England.

Those headed to the Bournemouth Air Festival will have to dodge isolated showers, especially later in the day. Otherwise, cloud will break for some sunshine with comfortable temperatures and a gusty wind from the south.

Warmer air will surge from the south on Friday as temperatures average above normal for this time of the year across the Isles, especially in Southern England and the Midlands. Showers will again dot the Isles, found in most areas north and west of London.

Heading into the weekend, strong upper low pressure will dive out of the North Atlantic toward France. The resulting weather across the United Kingdom will be quite unsettled, with a thundery rain and gusty winds possible.

Europe: Thick Clouds in London and Glasgow

As it stands now, Sunday is expected to be a more active day than Saturday. Flooding is also a concern, particularly in low-lying and poor drainage areas. meteorologists will continue to monitor the latest information on this potentially strong weather system.

By Ben Noll, Meteorologist