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Typhoon Goni Nears Philippines and Taiwan; Japan and South Korea Future Targets

Typhoon Goni is intensifying and could become a super typhoon in the next 12 hours as it approaches the northern Philippines and Taiwan.

After battering the Mariana Islands with damaging winds and flooding rain over the weekend, Goni is now closing in on Luzon where conditions will worsen into Thursday.

This dangerous typhoon will remain north of Luzon; however, the large size of the storm will cause strong winds and torrential rain to impact the northern coastline as well as the Babuyan Islands to the north of the main island of Luzon.

After battering the northern Philippines, Goni will turn dramatically northward taking it just east of Taiwan this weekend.

While landfall is not expected in Taiwan, the dangerous typhoon will track less than 100 miles from the coastline during its closest approach to the island nation.

Passing this close will result in winds over 80 km/h (50 mph) along the east coast and over the higher terrain of central Taiwan. Wind gusts over 65 km/h (40 mph) are expected in northern Taiwan, including Taipei.

Rainfall of 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) will be common across eastern and northern Taiwan along with more than 300 mm (12 inches) in the higher terrain.

Late Sunday into Monday, the worst of Goni's impacts will shift into northern Taiwan and Japan's Ryukyu Islands.

While northern Taiwan will be spared the worst of the storm, the Ryukyu Islands will not be as lucky as winds over 160 km/h (100 mph). These damaging winds are expected across all the islands as Goni tracks near or just west of the island chain Sunday night into early Tuesday.

The core of the heaviest rain with amounts over 250 mm (10 inches) will move over Ishigaki and Miyakojima. Meanwhile rainfall of 75-150 mm (3-6 inches) is expected across the other islands; however, a track farther east would bring 250 mm (10 inches) of rain into the remaining Ryukyu Islands as well.

Goni will continue its path of dangerous weather from Tuesday into Wednesday as strong winds and torrential rainfall spread into southwest Japan including Kyushu, Shikoku and southwest Honshu. Damaging winds over 80 km/h (50 mph) are possible along with 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) of rainfall. Localized rainfall amounts over 300 mm (12 inches) are possible.

During the same time, heavy rainfall will spread over South Korea where flooding will also be a widespread concern, especially in the eastern half of the country where rainfall of 100-200 mm (4-8 inches) is possible.

Goni will weaken rapidly as it moves further northwest into Northeast China during the second half of next week. While there can be some localized flooding, damaging winds will no longer be a concern.