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Super Typhoon Atsani to Approach Japan Next Week

Super Typhoon Atsani continues to churn over the open Pacific Ocean as one of the strongest cyclones of the year.

A northwest track of Atsani will keep the super typhoon over the open ocean through this weekend with only shipping interests at risk.

Even though no impacts [other than to shipping] are expected this week, there remains a threat that the cyclone could turn westward early next week with possible impacts to eastern Japan.

A direct landfall would bring life-threatening impacts such as destructive winds, flooding rainfall and mudslides; however, at this time, the most likely scenario is that Atsani approaches eastern Honshu but then curves to the northeast prior to making landfall.

Even if Atsani curves out to sea prior to reaching Japan, it could still impact eastern Honshu, including Tokyo, with gusty showers as the large tropical cyclone's circulation produces a moist flow off the ocean.

After curving east of Japan, Atsani would remain over the open ocean with no further impacts to Asia next week.

"There have been six super typhoons during the 2015 West Pacific Tropical Season thus far, which already surpassed the normal seasonal average of four," continued Sagliani.

If Goni also becomes a super typhoon, that would be seven for the season, making it the seventh-highest total in any single season since 1959.

The latest Accuweather tropical forecast calls for nine super typhoons through the end of the year, which would stand as the third-highest total on record behind 1965 and 1997 with 11 super typhoons each year.