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Philadelphia: Another Heat Wave Begins to Unfold

Another heat wave will have a firm grip on the Philadelphia area spanning this weekend and well into the new week.

A building ridge of high pressure will keep the door open for heat and humidity to make an extended stay in the Northeast.

Temperatures will rise daily into the 90s through at least midweek. The best opportunity for a record high to be challenged will be on Monday, set to be the hottest day of this heat wave.

Stormy and Humid in the Northeast

"So far this year, Philadelphia has hit 90 F or higher on 22 days, as of Aug. 14," stated AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Alex Sosnowski. "This is already more than in 2014, which had 16 days of 90 or higher. The average for Philadelphia is 23 days."

The return of higher humidity will cause AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures to dangerously flirt with the century mark during the midday and afternoon hours (the hottest times of the day).

Residents and visitors are urged to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and avoid strenuous activities during the day's hottest hours. If air conditioning is not available or fans are not providing enough cooling, seeking out a shelter or shopping center. Remember to never leave children or pets in a sealed vehicle.

"Heading to the beach will be a good idea [to beat the heat], as temperatures will stay in the 80s and the threat for thunderstorms, especially on Sunday and Monday, will be low," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Thompson.

"The water is also more comfortable now that we're in the second half of August," Thompson continued. "Water temperatures are now in the 70s from the southern New England coast through the mid-Atlantic."

Blazing sunshine will dominate through Monday before thunderstorms dot the area Tuesday afternoon.

The thunderstorms will not mean that noticeable cooling is in the works for midweek. Temperatures will instead continue to rise to around the 90-degree mark. Later in the week, a cold front will push toward the area but may struggle to sweep through and usher in less humid and more seasonable air.

Cool air having difficulty reaching the Northeast will be the theme for the remainder of the month.

"While there will be some minor fluctuations in temperature, a persistent ridge of high pressure will keep the warmth and humidity locked into the East through most of the rest of August," added Thompson.