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Heat Wave to Unfold From Chicago to NYC, Philadelphia, DC

Heat and humidity are making a comeback across the Midwest and Northeast this weekend and will have an extended stay over the latter region.

A building ridge of high pressure will keep temperatures climbing across the Midwest and Northeast this weekend with further heating expected for the Northeast on Monday.

Highs will approach or crack the 90-degree mark daily into Monday in Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, New York City and Hartford, Connecticut.

"While it has been hot in New York City on several occasions, there has not been an official heat wave in the city this year," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Thompson. "That could change in the coming days."

A heat wave is declared in New York City when temperatures reach or exceed 90 F on three consecutive days.

Stormy and Humid in the Northeast

While the weekend will end on a warm note, it will take until Monday for the 90-degree heat to spread to Syracuse and Albany, New York; Toronto, Canada; Portsmouth, New Hampshire, and Boston.

As temperatures climb, uncomfortable humidity levels will push AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperatures even higher. RealFeels will approach or reach the century mark throughout the mid-Atlantic, away from the beaches and east of the Appalachians, daily through the first part of the new week.

Residents and visitors throughout the Midwest and Northeast are reminded to drink plenty of water, wear light clothing and avoid strenuous activities during the hottest times of the day (the midday and afternoon) to avoid suffering from heat exhaustion or stroke.

If the latter cannot be avoided, be sure to take plenty of breaks. Remember to never leave children or pets in a sealed vehicle.

Thompson also suggests heading to the Atlantic beaches to beat the heat. "Heading to the beach will be a good idea, as temperatures will stay in the 80s and the threat for thunderstorms, especially on Sunday and Monday, will be low," he said.

"The water is also more comfortable now that we're in the second half of August," Thompson continued. "Water temperatures are currently in the 70s from the southern New England coast through the mid-Atlantic."

A gradual increase in thunderstorms will be a sign to those in the Midwest that relief from the heat is on its way, but those in the Northeast should not be as hopeful.

After being confined to the southern and central Appalachians on Sunday, thunderstorm activity will increase across the Midwest on Monday and then the Northeast for Tuesday.

The cold front helping to ignite the thunderstorms will be able to drop into the Great Lakes Monday and Tuesday and knock down the heat. The front will fail to reach the Northeast, allowing the heat and humidity to remain in place.

An even stronger cold front will sweep through the Midwest Wednesday and Thursday and further reduce temperatures and humidity levels. Much like the initial front, this second front could struggle to totally clear the Northeast late in the week.

Cool air having difficulty reaching the Northeast will be the theme for the remainder of the month.

"While there will be some minor fluctuations in temperature, a persistent ridge of high pressure will keep the warmth and humidity locked into the East through most of the rest of August," added Thompson.