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PHOTOS: Perseid Meteors Glow Across the Night Sky in One of the Brightest Showers of 2015

The middle of the week marked the peak of the Perseid meteor shower with thousands of meteors streaking across the night sky.

People all across the globe were able to view the astronomical phenomenon where clear skies permitted, but the Northern Hemisphere was the focus of the event.

"The peak of the meteor shower was Wednesday night," said AccuWeather Meteorologist David Samuhel. "This could be arguably one of the best meteor showers of the year because of the viewing conditions."

WOW: Perseid Meteor Shower Peaks Over Michigan

The Perseid Meteor Shower occurs when the Earth passes through the trail left behind by the comet Swift-Tuttle.

When compared to other meteor showers, Samuhel said that the Perseids are typically brighter and have a glittering trail.

One factor that helped the Perseid appear so bright is that there is a new moon on Aug. 14, meaning the sky has been darker the past few nights.

Although the Perseids will diminish over the next few nights, the new moon will continue to provide optimal conditions for viewing the Milky Way.