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Heavy Rain Friday, Then Tranquil This Weekend

A storm that began to affect the U.K. Thursday will bring heavy rain into Friday as well. The heaviest rain Friday will target northern England, Wales and Scotland. However, odd showers will be scattered about the rest of the U.K. There could still be a few thunderstorms across southeast England as well.

Temperatures on Friday will be rather cool. Highs will struggle to reach 15 C across parts of Scotland and Ireland. Highs in London and the rest of southeast England will climb into the lower 20s.

A moderate to fresh breeze from the northwest will develop across most of the U.K. by day's end.

Much drier weather is expected for the weekend. Despite the dry weather, temperatures will be cool on Saturday. Highs will fail to reach 20 across southeastern England. Highs across Scotland will be in the mid- to upper 10s, though cooler in the Highlands. Temperatures on Sunday will be similar.

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Very little wind is expected through the weekend. Any rainfall is expected to be confined to Scotland and Ireland. Even there, only an odd shower or two can be expected Saturday and Sunday.

The quiet weather pattern should last into next week as well.

By Dave Samuhel, Meteorologist