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UK: Dry and Comfortable Tuesday Into Wednesday; Rain Arrives Thursday

High pressure will expand eastward across the isles on Tuesday, bringing seasonable warmth and generally tranquil conditions.

Skies will feature broken cloud and sunny spells across Wales and England as a light to moderate breeze blows from the west and southwest.

Stormy in the U.K.

Across Scotland, clouds will limit sunshine with a few, isolated showers.

High pressure will remain mostly in control on Wednesday with dry conditions for most locations except for far southern England, where a thundery rain will develop throughout the day.

Clouds will increase from south to north across the Isles on Wednesday night as a thundery rain moves northward out of Spain.

Rain can be heavy at times across Wales and England on Thursday with the potential for flooding, mainly in low-lying and poor drainage areas.

By Ben Noll, Meteorologist