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Hilda May Bring Rain, Wind, Surf to Hawaii at Late Week

The next tropical system is set to bring rain, wind and dangerous surf to Hawaii by the end of the week.

The majority of the Hawaiian Islands escaped the worst of Guillermo's impacts last week. The islands will now have to be prepared for yet another tropical system.

According to AccuWeather meteorologist Evan Duffey, "The expected track of Hilda will bring the threat of locally heavy rainfall and gusty winds to the Big Island as early as Thursday, local time."

Strong wind shear will cause Hilda to slowly weaken this week as it tracks to the west-northwest.

Hilda became a Category 4 hurricane on Saturday but has slowly weakened since due to increasing wind shear.

Surf was the main impact Hawaii faced when Guillermo dissipated well north of the islands. The latest track brings Hilda much closer to the islands and could bring more significant impacts, including locally heavy rain.

"Rough surf and increased rip currents have already arrived to the eastern shores of the Big Island and will spread across the rest of the Hawaiian Islands this week," Duffey said.

Heavy rainfall has already fallen across portions of the islands during the month of August. Hilo, Hawaii, has already received over 5 inches of rain this month, nearly twice the normal rainfall for August.

The heaviest rain bands may lead to localized flash flooding and sporadic power outages, especially across areas that have seen large amounts of rain so far this month. Any downpours could also lead to reduced visibility and the risk of hydroplaning.

Stay tuned to for further updates on Hilda.