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Early Week Storms to Bring Northeast Rain, Gusty Winds

As a storm system moves in from the Midwest, drenching downpours and the risk of flooding and gusty winds will push across the Northeast Monday into Tuesday.

While widespread severe weather is not likely, some of the more robust storms will have the potential to be damaging and disruptive. Sporadic power outages and localized torrential rain can occur.

The storms will mark the leading edge of another push of cooler and less humid air.

Rain Arrives to Start the Week

People with outdoor plans ranging from baseball games and football practice to a day at the beach and construction projects could face disruptions. Sudden poor visibility can cause slow travel on area highways, while the proximity of severe thunderstorms to major airports may contribute to airline delays.

The risk of storms with frequent lightning strikes, blinding rain, flash flooding and strong wind gusts will stretch from the lower Great Lakes to the southern Appalachians during Monday afternoon and evening.

During Monday afternoon, the locally gusty storms will stretch from Detroit and Toronto to Pittsburgh and Charleston, West Virginia.

The storms will continue to push eastward Monday night and are forecast to extend from Montreal to New York City; Washington, D.C.; Charlotte, North Carolina; Greenville, South Carolina; and perhaps some of the northern suburbs of Atlanta.

During Tuesday, locally gusty storms may survive or re-fire from Caribou, Maine, to Boston; Norfolk, Virginia; and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

While not every location from southern Canada to the Southern states will get rain, the showers and thunderstorms associated with the system have the potential to snap a brief dry spell in some areas and building drought in others.

In addition to drought in parts of the Carolinas and Georgia, parts of New England and Long Island, New York are in need of rain. Rainfall in some of these areas since the start of the summer range from 30 to 60 percent of average.

The storm last week brought only sporadic heavy rainfall to the Carolinas and Georgia, and totally missed much of the Northeast.

Following the storms and a surge of warm and humidity, a push of cooler and less humid air will make its way into much of the East by the middle of the week.

Chilly air aloft will produce extensive clouds and showers around the lower Great Lakes at midweek, while most areas can expect a return of sunshine.