Severe Storms to Slice across Plains on Saturday

A slow-moving weather pattern across the western half of the United States has been the forcing agent behind the multi-day streak of severe weather across the Plains this past week.

Heavy rain, large hail and gusty winds have battered the Plains since the middle of the week and the threat for severe weather will once again emerge in the Plains this afternoon and evening.

AccuWeather meteorologist Ed Vallee states, "A vigorous upper-level disturbance will move through Iowa Saturday afternoon."

This disturbance will shoot across the Central states throughout the day and reach western Iowa by the late afternoon.

As this system moves, showers and thunderstorms will increase in number as well as intensity once the afternoon arrives.

Vallee explains,"This system will cause an eruption of strong-to-severe thunderstorms from late afternoon into Saturday night."

Omaha, Nebraska, and Kansas City, Missouri, will be the first to be impacted by torrential downpours and gusty winds from the eastward-progressing thunderstorms.

"These storms will initiate in western Iowa during the late afternoon and evening, and swiftly move across Iowa into western Illinois overnight", Vallee affirmed.

Thunderstorms will continue to rumble across the state of Iowa, however the threat for the damaging winds expected earlier in the afternoon will begin to diminish.

Heavy rainfall is expected to continue through the evening, and the threat for flash flooding becomes the most dominate threat for Cedar Rapids and Iowa City, Iowa.

Storms will continue to weaken with the early morning hours on Sunday, and the threat for severe weather will continue to decrease for the second half of the weekend.