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Severe Storms to Strike Minneapolis, Omaha Areas Thursday

Severe storms are set to fire across a section of the northern United States Thursday bringing a round of disruptions to many.

An area of low pressure cutting across the Dakotas will combine with warm, humid air creating an environment ripe for severe storms.

Areas from Aberdeen, South Dakota, to Minneapolis and southwest to Sioux City, Iowa, will be at risk for severe weather Thursday afternoon into Thursday night. Severe storms will also stretch to the suburbs of Omaha, Nebraska.

"The main threats with these storms will be damaging winds and large hail," said AccuWeather Storm Warning Meteorologist Alex Avalos.

People in this area will want to keep their weather radios nearby and an eye to the sky. Afternoon and evening outdoor plans may be forced to delay or even cancel due to active weather.

Tornado sirens may even be activated as these storms begin to fire this afternoon and early evening.

"The potential for a tornado to touch down is there, though the overall risk is minimal in comparison to the other threats," added Avalos.

Drenching downpours will also extend as far north as Fargo, North Dakota, with the risk for strong wind gusts. However, the bulk of the severe weather will likely be centered farther south.

These storms will likely impact the drive home from work for many people. Motorists traveling on interstates 29, 90 or 94 will have to battle blinding downpours and gusty winds as well as the risk for flooding roadways and hydroplaning.

"Localized flash flooding will occur with the heaviest storms," said Avalos.

As these storms shift farther east Thursday night, the overall severe risk will decrease across Minnesota, Wisconsin and Iowa. However, flash flooding will still be a concern.

Motorists who face high water on a roadway should turn around and find an alternative route. A small car can be carried away by just a foot of rushing water.

The overall threat with this area of low pressure will lower Friday across Wisconsin, although downpours will still be possible. The threat for severe weather will shift to western Nebraska late in the day as a potent upper-level feature passes through.

In addition to severe storms Thursday across the northern United States, there will also be a risk for severe weather across the Southeast.