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Staying Cool in the UK While the Rest of Europe Fries

Cool and unsettled conditions will last the rest of the week across the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, the rest of Europe will be quite hot.

After drenching downpours Wednesday and Wednesday night, somewhat drier conditions are expected across the U.K. on Thursday.

Persistent low pressure continues to swirl over the North Atlantic near the Faroe Islands and Iceland. This will weaken Friday, only to be replaced by a new storm this weekend.

Thursday will be largely dry and a bit milder than recent days in London. A high temperature of 24 C is expected. Any shower will be brief and occur early in the day.

Temperatures across the rest of the U.K. will range from the mid-10s across Scotland to the upper 10s in Ireland. England will have temperatures above 20.

Friday sill be largely dry across England. However, a few showers are expected elsewhere. More widespread bouts of rain are expected over the weekend, along with stronger winds.