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Tropical Development Being Monitored off Carolina Coast

An area of low pressure spinning off the coast of the Carolinas is being monitored for possible tropical development.

While currently poorly organized, the low will remain in an environment that is marginally conducive for some development through Tuesday night.

The low is churning over the warm waters off the Carolina coast and wind shear is not strong enough to rip the system totally apart, according to AccuWeather Tropical Weather Expert Dan Kottlowski.

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Even if development occurs, the low would have time only to become a tropical depression or minimal tropical storm before getting absorbed by a cold front and swept into the northwestern Atlantic Ocean on Wednesday.

As the low is being monitored for development, showers and thunderstorms will continue to stream into eastern North Carolina through Tuesday evening.

Kottlowski expects the heaviest rainfall to remain offshore, but any thunderstorm could kick up a wind gust to around 40 mph along the immediate coast.

Beachgoers braving the rain are urged to seek shelter as soon as thunder is heard as the danger of being struck by lightning will then be present.

The low has also stirred up the surf along the coast of the Carolinas and seas may build further if the low gains strength.

Seas will ease some for Wednesday as the low departs. A thunderstorm will still dot parts of the coast, but conditions will improve overall for beachgoers.

The rest of the Atlantic Basin remains quiet due to persistent dry and dusty air from Africa and disruptive wind shear.