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Midweek Fall-Like Temperatures to Provide Relief in the Northeast

Although strong thunderstorms ripped across the Northeast to start the week, quieter and more importantly, cooler conditions are on the way for midweek.

Summer came on full blast at the end of July and continued to bake the major metropolitan area of the Northeast during the beginning of August.

However, those looking to beat the heat will get some relief by the middle and end of this week.

A series of cold fronts will slide across the Northeast, bringing waves of cooler, drier, and more stable air from the north.

The first cold front will slip south across the region on Wednesday, bringing the first and most noticeable cool push.

Afternoon temperatures, which have consistently been near 90 degrees Fahrenheit, will struggle to reach the middle 80s.

Locations in northern New England will only have temperatures in the upper 60s, placing afternoon highs closer to what is expected for the middle of September, rather than the beginning of August.

Dew points will fall as well, and combined with the cooler temperatures, conditions will be ideal for outdoor activities.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Rathbun agrees stating, "Not only will temperatures be lower than the previous weeks, but so will the humidity. Anyone that enjoys golfing, hiking, and running should take advantage of these cool and comfortable conditions."

The theme of cool and dry will continue through the end of the week, however the next weather system will develop across the Midwest on Thursday sending clouds northward throughout the day.

The start of the weekend will have more summerlike warmth and humidity returning to Philadelphia and New York as afternoon highs will once again flirt with the 80-degree mark on Saturday.