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Showery Spells Through Midweek in Much of UK

Showery spells will be likely across much of the U.K. through the first half of the week.

The culprit of the unsettled conditions will be a strong out-of-season cyclone slowly passing north of the U.K. this week. While initially centered west of Ireland on Monday, this system will press northeastward over the course of the week, eventually passing east of Iceland by Thursday night.

Until then, however, it will keep the chance for intermittent showers spells across much of the U.K.

While many of these showers will not be heavy, there will be a threat for steadier rainy spells in Northern Ireland and Scotland on Wednesday as the cyclone draws a potent disturbance northeastward across northern portions of the U.K.

One area that will likely be spared much of the showery weather will be southeastern England. Most of the energy associated with the strong cyclone will be centered across Northern Ireland, Wales, western England and Scotland, resulting in sunny spells in southeastern England over the week.

Another impact from this potent system will be strong, gusty winds. The strongest winds will likely be across Northern Ireland and Scotland as the system makes its closest pass to these areas Monday night into Tuesday. During this time, there could be a few wind gusts in excess of 70 kph.

As the system weakens and pulls away from the U.K., these winds will gradually subside.

Temperatures through Thursday will generally range in the low to mid-20s in places such as London to the low to mid-10s in Scotland. A few normally colder spots in Scotland, however, will likely be stuck in the single digits.