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Flooding Downpours to Diminish Across Florida This Week

Following a week full of heavy rain and life-threatening flooding in the Sunshine State, there is light at the end of the tunnel, at least for the time being.

A stalled front that was draped over the region for days on end will finally weaken and dissolve early this week. In addition, an area of low pressure riding along the front will move away from the region, allowing for a welcoming break from the rain.

"Rain will diminish starting Tuesday as the area of disturbed weather shifts northward for a while," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Frank Strait.

Typical summertime showers and thunderstorms will be around through the week, but they will be less numerous. While isolated incidents of flooding may still be triggered, widespread issues as seen during last week and over the weekend are not expected.

Those widespread issues included submerged cars, closed highways and streets and flooded homes.

Tampa, Florida, was one of the hardest hit areas with more than one month's rain falling in a span of less than two weeks to close out July. Major highways were shut down, including the Gandy Bridge that connects South Tampa to St. Petersburg.

Showers and thunderstorms will become more spotty through the week which will allow for some areas to dry out across the west coast of Florida. More sunshine will be featured as well.

Those sick of the rain will want to take advantage of any dry time they can get this week. Unfortunately, downpours will increase in coverage as the weekend arrives.

"Another front will get unusually far south for this time of the year over the weekend," said Strait.

Similar to the last two weeks, this will likely spell out some trouble for parts of Florida.

"The front will become stationary over Florida, which will lead to another period of soaking rains," said Strait.

Rain gauges will quickly fill up and flooding issues will likely be renewed yet again for parts of northern and central Florida. Areas where the rain is most needed will likely miss out on the rain.

Parts of southeastern Florida, especially around the Miami area, are under a severe or even extreme drought. The front is expected to stall north of South Florida, which will keep the most soaking rain away.