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Heat Eases in Spain and Italy, Dry and Mild from London to Berlin to End the Week

A cold front will press southward bringing relief from the heat to Spain, Italy and southeast Europe late this week.

Areas that will finally have a break from the heat include Madrid, Cordoba, Milan and Bucharest.

In Madrid, the high temperature has been 34.0 C (93.2 F) or higher every day in the month of July. The normal average high during the month is around 29.4 C (85.0 F).

With the arrival of slightly cooler air from the north, the high is expected to be around 32 C (89 F) both Friday and Saturday. This would be the coolest day since the middle of June. Along with the cooler air the front will spark showers and thunderstorms across northern and central Spain on Friday.

Cordoba will also feel this cool down with daytime high temperatures ranging from 34-35 C (93-95 F) on Friday and Saturday. While the cooler air will reach Cordoba and southern Spain, no rainfall is expected from the frontal passage.

This front will also bring cooler air and thunderstorms to northern Italy. Showers and thunderstorms will rumble through Milan on Thursday as the cooler air arrives. The high temperature is expected to be around 28 C (82 F) through Saturday.

Europe: Cool Conditions Across British Isles

Across the Balkan Peninsula the worst of the heat will end, though temperatures will remain above normal across the region much of the time though Sunday.

A ridge of high pressure will build back over southern Europe bringing another round of extreme heat from Spain to the Balkan Peninsula next week.

Meanwhile, comfortable conditions will prevail from southern parts of the United Kingdom into France and Germany through this weekend.

Days will feature partly to mostly sunny skies with seasonable temperatures and little to no rainfall.

A cold front will cross northern Europe early next week bringing rainfall and another shot of cool air.