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Stockholm Airport 'Climate Portal' Lets Passengers Feel Weather at Worldwide Destinations

The Stockholm Arlanda Airport in Sweden is giving travelers a chance to sample weather at various destinations around the world through the use of the Climate Portal.

The Climate Portal is an "experience for all your senses which replicates the weather live from all over the planet, a direct link to the whole world," Communication Manager for Swedavia Yvonne Boe said.

"The portal is hooked up to several online weather services and translates the data from weather stations across the globe," Dev Malhotra, executive technical director of Studio NOC said in a video about the portal.

Malhotra added that at any given moment the climate in three different places on Earth are simulated live inside the chambers.

By using the latest sound and image technology as well as wind and temperature simulations, visitors are transported to various destinations around the world.

"It's also a preview of where you're going, so you know if you need to that warm sweater or an extra pair of sunglasses before boarding," Boe said.

Visitors can enter the three different rooms of the Climate Portal that will take them to hot, cold and big destinations.

The "GO COLD" climate room allows visitors to feel cold northern winds, hear barking dogs and see winter landscapes that take them to places such as Kiruna, Sweden; Tromsö, Norway; and Reykjavik, Iceland; as stated on the Stockholm Arlanda Airport website.

In the "Go Hot" room, visitors are able to feel the heat as they hear the sounds of cicadas in the background to simulate places such as Dubai, United Arab Emirates; Doha, Qatar; and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Visitors are taken to super-cities such as Hong Kong, China; New York, New York; and Los Angeles, California; around the world in the "Go Big" room. Travelers hear the buzz of the city, "feel the urban pulse in a never-ending stream of taxi cabs and people, and are intoxicated by the smells of all the kitchens in the world," as stated on the Stockholm Arlanda Airport website.

The Climate Portal was launched on May 29, 2015, and has had more than 40,000 visitors. The weather simulator will be at Stockholm Arlanda Airport until Aug. 31.