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Occasional Rain Lingers into Monday Across Britain

As an area of low pressure slowly moves to the east across the United Kingdom on Monday, spells of rain will linger for the start of the new week. The steadiest of the rain will fall across Scotland and the north of England while areas to the south will see showery rains.

This system, however, pales in comparison to the powerful storm that struck late last week. On Friday and on Friday night, heavy rain fell in London, totaling 37.8 mm (1.49 inches) at Heathrow. This was nearly three times the about of rain that has fallen in London on a given day so far this year. Before Friday, the most rain on a given day came on May 14, when 13 mm (0.51 of an inch) of fell.

From Edinburgh to Glasgow, Monday is expected to be a damp and dreary day across northern parts of the United Kingdom. However, unlike the last low pressure system late last week, there will not be much wind associated with this and winds will largely dry light and out of the north to northeast.

The wind will become stronger further to the south. In southern England and Wales there will be a moderate to fresh westerly wind. Near gale-force wind will be possible across southwestern England, especially along the coast.

However, rainfall across Wales and southern England will be lighter compared to further north. Showery conditions are expected and a few sunny breaks are possible as well between the showers.

Rainfall amounts should average 10-15 millimeters (0.4-0.6 of an inch) across northern Britain and generally less than 10 millimeters (0.40 of an inch) further to the south.

This low pressure system will be slow to exit the region, remaining across the North Sea into Tuesday. As a result, showers will once again be found across the British Isles. The more numerous of which will be found in northern and western areas.

A few some parts of southern England, including London, may escape with a dry day, but it could feel cool thanks to a gusty northwesterly wind.