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Tropical Threat May Be Brewing Near US East Coast

While wet weather and flooding has been ongoing in the Southeast over the past couple of days and is expected to continue into early next week, a new threat may be brewing just offshore.

AccuWeather meteorologists are concerned that a tropical threat may be on the horizon, with waters extending from the northern Gulf of Mexico to Bermuda the most likely zone for development.

"Atmospheric conditions will become more favorable for tropical formation during the middle of next week across the northeastern Gulf of Mexico and near the Southeast coast," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Ben Noll.

Slow-Moving Storms to Produce Flood Threat for Florida

A stalled frontal boundary, in addition to above-average water temperatures and lessening wind shear, will play a role in the formation of a tropical system.

It is still too early to tell where such a system may track. However, areas that will want to keep a watchful eye on the forecast over the comings days include the northeastern Gulf Coast, Florida, the Southeast Coast and Bermuda.

If a tropical system does form, residents, vacationers and beachgoers could be heavily impacted by rough surf and strong rip currents. Gusty winds and heavy rain would also be possible. The system would take the name Danny.

Folks in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic could see an enhancement of tropical moisture as well.

"Late in the week or next weekend, a trough in the eastern U.S. may help to transport tropical moisture northward into the mid-Atlantic and Northeast," said Noll.

Regardless of a tropical system forming or not, the stalled frontal boundary will continue to bring drenching downpours to several states across the Southeast.

Dangerous flooding has already struck parts of Florida due to several inches of rain coming rather quickly in downpours on Friday. Tampa received 2 to 4 inches of rain in a short amount of time. Road flooding left several cars stranded in St. Augustine.

"Heavy rains will continue to soak the Peninsula into early next week, leading to additional flooding," said Noll.

While the rain will bring some hazards, it will also be beneficial. Parts of Florida such as the southeastern portion of the state are currently in a drought.