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New Week Brings More Rain to UK, France and Germany

Following the rain at the end of the week and start of the weekend, another system will continue the wet weather across much of Western Europe into the new week.

Unlike the strong storm that brought 42 mm (1.65 inches) of rain to London's Heathrow Airport on Friday, the rain for this system is expected to be lighter. London has not seen this much rain in a given day so far this year.

"Although this rain will continue the pattern of wet weather across the United Kingdom, this will be much less impactful than the system that moved through at the end of the week," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Anthony Sagliani.

Rain will extend from the United Kingdom southward through northern France on Sunday, and shift eastward on Monday, bringing wet weather into central Germany and Denmark, reaching parts of western Poland and the Czech Republic late in the day.

Rain could wet the final stage of the Tour de France as showers move into Paris during Sunday afternoon.

Winds are also expected to be lighter with this new system. There could be some wind gusts up to 65 kph (40 mph), but these are likely to be more isolated, mainly confined to the northwestward-facing coastlines of Ireland, Wales and northern France.

This is continuing the wet and dreary pattern across much of Europe over the last few weeks. However, dry weather persists across Spain, with high pressure off to the south continuing to provide a shield and bring sunshine.

However, towards the middle of the new week, AccuWeather meteorologists will continue to monitor a disturbance coming in off of the Atlantic Ocean that could bring some rain further south, across northern Spain and southern France. Such a track would bring a break in the rainy weather across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

Contributions by Meteorologist Adam Douty