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Storms to Frequent Southeast US Through Friday

A stormy weather pattern has set up over the Southeast and is projected to last through the rest of the week.

People across the region should plan accordingly as the unsettled weather can lead to disruption in daily routines, travel and outdoor recreation.

Southeast Extended Regional Weather Forecast

Showers and thunderstorms will be a daily occurrence through at least Friday from Florida to the Carolinas and westward to the waters of the Mississippi River.

Typical summer heat and humidity will accompany the stormy weather with high temperatures climbing near or above the 90-degree F mark.

As is typically the case, the afternoon hours will bring the most widespread thunderstorm activity with a small number of the storms producing severe weather.

Winds with these stronger storms could occasionally gusty past 55 mph, strong enough to bring down tree limbs or blow around lawn furniture.

Severe or not, every thunderstorm will be accompanied by frequent lightning, bringing danger to those outdoors.

Lightning is one of nature's deadliest phenomenon, claiming the lives of 49 people every year on average in the United Sates, according to the National Weather Service.

Additionally, hundreds more are left severely injured from lightning strikes.

When thunder roars, go indoors. If you are close enough to hear the thunder from an approaching storm, you are close enough to be struck by lightning.

So far this year, lightning has claimed the lives of 22 people, many of which were participating in some type of outdoor activity when they were struck.

The most recent fatality occurred this past weekend when a man in California took shelter under a tree right before the tree was struck by lightning. This is a chilling reminder that while a tree may help keep you dry from the rain, it does not grant you safety from lightning.

Shower and thunderstorm activity is forecast to decrease across the Southeast heading into the weekend, but some will still linger through Sunday.

Most of the lingering storms are expected to focus on Florida, threatening weekend plans from Miami to Tampa and northward through Tallahassee.

It is possible that some of the storms moving off the coast this weekend could try to organize themselves into a tropical system.

Follow the thunderstorms across the Southeast with AccuWeather's Interactive Radar.