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Cooler UK After Warm Start, Maybe Wet Friday

Temperature across the United Kingdom will be near to somewhat below normal through the end of the week, owing to cooling wind flow from the west.

The fairly cool weather follows a warm start to the week that saw London reach 26 C with up to 27 C in the eastern Midlands.

Much of the time will bring dry weather interspersed with only isolated showers. On Wednesday, for instance, wide areas of the United Kingdom will get a few showery outbreaks.

However, low pressure could give areas of wet weather in England on Friday, depending upon the track and strength of the weather system.

Farther north, showery outbreaks in the west and north of Scotland will be more frequent than elsewhere, as is typical for the region.

Early indications are that a somewhat cool, unsettled weather pattern will hold sway at the first of next week.