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Stormy Start to the Week for Mid-Mississippi Valley, Southern Plains

An unsettled start to the week for the mid-Mississippi Valley and southern Plains.

Thunderstorms will develop along a front that will be sagging south across the Midwest on Monday, some of which will have the potential to become severe.

"Vigorous thunderstorms will erupt over the mid-Mississippi as a cold front intercepts a sultry air mass," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Todd Miner.

Temperatures approaching the 90-degree mark paired with high humidity will set the stage for severe weather to develop during the afternoon and evening hours.

AccuWeather RealFeel Temperatures, which are a measure of what it really feels like outside, will be nearing the triple digits, making it feel rather uncomfortable across the region this afternoon.

AccuWeather Meteorologist Becky Elliot confirms that the high temperatures and high humidity are the right ingredients for strong storms to develop.

Thunderstorms will be capable of producing torrential downpours and damaging winds as the day progresses.

Storms will start to fire as far north as Kansas City, Missouri, and race south through St. Louis, Missouri, and Paducah, Kentucky, this afternoon.

Severe weather will continue to shoot southward during the evening into Louisville, Kentucky; Springfield, Missouri; and even Amarillo, Texas, by the overnight hours.