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Heat Remains Entrenched in Southern Europe

Heat remains entrenched across southern Europe early this week while rounds of showers move across northern Europe.

The core of the heat will scorch areas from Italy into the Balkan Peninsula on Monday and Tuesday. In central Italy, away from the influence of the Mediterranean Sea, temperatures will soar into the upper 30s C (upper 90s and lower 100s F). Florence, for example, is expected to see a high of 37 C (98 F) on Monday and 39 C (102 F) on Tuesday. Similar temperatures will last through most of the week.

Europe: Steamy in Sarajevo and Vienna

Some relief will be found near the coast with highs in the lower 30s C (near 90 F), though this is still hotter than normal in many places. So far this month in Rome, the average temperature has been 2 degrees C (nearly 4 degrees F) hotter than normal.

Further to the east, temperature highs in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina are expected to rise into the lower to middle 30s C (lower to middle 90s F). Although this a little cooler than the heat felt over the weekend, it is still greater than 6 degrees C (10 degrees F) above average.

During the second half of the week, daily rounds of afternoon thunderstorms will bring relief to some areas along the Dynamic Alps and Apennines. However, these storms may also threaten with hail and gusty winds.

Across northern Europe, from the United Kingdom to Baltics, heat will not be an issue, rather, the region will have to contend with several areas of showers and a gusty wind.

An area of low pressure moving near the United Kingdom on Monday will lead to showers in Ireland, Wales and England, along with periods of rain across Scotland. This low will also provide a gusty afternoon wind bringing impacts to the final round of the British Open.

Showers will also move across London providing for a few damp periods. However, showers across southern Britain should remain light and fairly brief.

By Tuesday this low will move to the east brining showers from Norway and Sweden into northern Germany.