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Storms Threaten Tour De France Sunday

The threat for thunderstorms will continue as the tour moves across southern France Sunday and Monday, with heat also playing a factor in the coming stages.

Temperatures will not be as hot as Saturday, but will still be in the upper 20s to lower 30s C (80 to 90 F). The heat should challenge the domestiques working to keep their teammates hydrated. Spectators should seek shade when possible and stay hydrated as well.

Afternoon thunderstorms are expected to be in the vicinity of the peloton on Sunday's stage. While the chances are low that precipitation will impact the peloton, the threat will loom over their heads. We a storm to impact the race, look for risk takers and the classics specialists to try to take advantage.

Drier, but still warm weather is expected on Monday's stage.

Tuesday is the second rest day in Gap, then Wednesday will likely see both fireworks from the peloton and the sky. A front moving into the region may provide for a round of afternoon showers and thunderstorms for the first stage in the Alps.

The chances of the peloton at least being nearby a storm are quiet high this day, so it will be interesting to see how the climbers cope. The diminutive climbers are much more vulnerable to cross winds due to their light weight, so heavier, but still strong climbers may see an advantage.