Heat to Return to Northwestern US This Weekend

The mercury will soar across the Pacific Northwest this weekend, reminiscent of the heat wave earlier in July.

While temperatures are not expected to be as intense as they were during the record heat at the start of the month, they could still bring some dangers as they approach record levels.

Northwest Short-Range Regional Weather Forecast

The hottest conditions will focus east of the Cascades along the Interstate-5 corridor from Medford, Oregon, through Seattle.

Afternoon highs in this area are projected to reach the 90s on both Saturday and Sunday with some spots even topping out near or above the 100-degree mark.

Those across the Northwest should take proper precautions to deal with the weekend heat. This can be as simple as drinking enough water or wearing light-colored clothing.

Some people trying to beat the heat at home may still find it challenging to find relief from the hot afternoons.

According to PEMCO Insurance Northwest, nearly 60 percent of those living in Washington and Oregon live without air conditioning at home.

One reason why so many people do not have air conditioners is because hot spells like this do not happen often, and when they do, they do not last for long.

But this summer has proven to be a hot one with temperatures averaging more than 6 degrees above normal in Seattle and Olympia, Washington; and in Portland, Salem, Eugene, and Medford, Oregon.

If you are thinking about heading to the store to buy an air conditioning unit to help cope with the heat, you may return home empty handed.

According to the Seattle Times, air conditioners are flying off the shelves and are hard to keep in stock due to the recent heat.

If you do not have access to air conditioning, you should limit the amount of strenuous activities you partake in, especially in the afternoon when temperatures are at their highest levels.

This heat is not expected to last for long as temperatures return to more seasonable levels for the start of the upcoming week.

While this seasonable weather is likely to last through the week, the weather pattern this summer has favored hot conditions across the Northwest.

With this pattern expected to continue, more heat waves like this are possible right into the start of autumn.