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Showery UK Weather, Warm Spell Coming

Another stretch of warm weather will take shape over much of the United Kingdom beginning at midweek. The warming will unfold in spite of bouts of showers.

Thursday, the temperature will rebound to 25 to 27 F, or up to 5 C above normal, in much of England and Wales. London, for instance, will warm to about 27 C on Thursday.

This stretch of summery warmth comes on the heels of relatively cool, damp start to the week on Monday.

Thursday's start of the British Open golf tournament will happen amidst mainly dry weather ahead of rain and damp on Friday. This is after golfers dodged the odd shower for the practice rounds at St. Andrews, Scotland.

It is a late-week low pressure that will trigger wide-spread showers and thundery showers late Thursday until Friday followed by cooling for the weekend.