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Storms to Increase Across Eastern US Early This Week

Showers and thunderstorms will be on the increase across the East early this week, creating headaches for those with outdoor plans with some thunderstorms set to turn severe.

While most of the Northeast welcomed a short break from rain this weekend and thunderstorms just dotted the Southeast, a stormy weather pattern will resume across the East early this week.

Showers and thunderstorms will be around across the Appalachians on Monday as afternoon thunderstorms rattle more of the Southeast.

Washington, D.C., and Baltimore will also turn unsettled to start the new week, while the rest of the Northeast's I-95 corridor sneaks out one more dry day.

"If New York City is dry through Monday, that would be the first four-day stretch without a drop of rain since June 10-June 13," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Dave Samuhel.

New York City will not make it five consecutive days without rain.

Northeast Short-Range Regional Weather Forecast

The arrival of a storm system from the Midwest will increase and expand showers and thunderstorms throughout most of the East, returning the storminess to New York City and Philadelphia. A shower or thunderstorm should also rattle Boston before the day is through.

Higher humidity will stream into the Northeast on Tuesday, setting the stage for the storminess and creating a sticky feel to the air.

When compared to Monday, Tuesday should be wetter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and Buffalo, New York.

The stage is even set for the thunderstorms to become strong on Tuesday with damaging winds and hail from south of Washington, D.C., to Atlanta. Charlotte and Raleigh, North Carolina, would also be at risk with the threat zone expanding westward toward Nashville, Tennessee.

"Even though there will be showers and thunderstorms along the I-95 corridor of the Northeast [north of Washington, D.C.], the severe weather threat will be low," Samuhel added.

Regardless, any thunderstorm through Tuesday will force those with outdoor plans to move indoors or delay their activities.

Even if someone does not mind getting wet or has on rain gear, shelter should be sought as soon as thunder is heard. The danger of being struck by lightning is then present.

More headaches will arise for anyone hoping to spend a part of Wednesday outside with the showers and thunderstorms set to persist into midweek.

Again, the central East Coast will have to be monitored for severe thunderstorms.

Drier and less humid air will attempt to work into the Northeast for a day or two later in the week, but will likely not hang around for long.