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Typhoon Nangka Follows Chan-Hom, May Aim for Japan

On the heels of Chan-Hom, which is currently impacting eastern China, is Typhoon Nangka. This powerful cyclone will also track northwestward through the western Pacific Ocean, slightly to the north of Chan-Hom and strengthen in the process.

Nangka moved over the northern Mariana Islands early Thursday, EDT. While this more northern track resulted in only a few gusty showers and periods of rain in Guam, the northern Mariana Islands bore the brunt of the cyclone.

While this track spared Guam directly, it may lead to significant impacts in Japan or South Korea by the middle to end of the upcoming week.

In the coming days, Nangka will generally continue to track toward the northwest. While fluctuations in strength will be likely as it does so, it will likely remain a powerful system as it continues to move closer to Japan.

While there remains uncertainty regarding Nangka's ultimate track, current indications are that, unlike Chan-Hom, Nangka may move track close to or over the Japanese archipelago.

Should this track materialize, the main Islands of Japan could see the threat for flooding rainfall and damaging winds as the system pass near or over the archipelago.

Meanwhile, should the system track further to the northwest, it could bring the bulk of the impacts further westward into South Korea. meteorologists will continue to watch this system in the coming days, and interests from Japan into South Korea should monitor this system for potential impacts during the middle to end of next week.