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Late-Week Warmth, Humidity to Surge in the Southeast US

The cool start to July for areas of the Southeast will soon come to an end as summer warmth will surge late this week.

A change in the weather pattern will once again allow for heat and humidity to billow over many locations late this week and into early next week.

The month of June was above average as most locations peaked at 2 to 3 degrees Fahrenheit above normal. Charlotte, North Carolina, soared to near 5 degrees F above normal for the entire month.

A stretch of relief in the form of cooler-than-normal conditions enveloped the Southeast, with temperatures flip-flopping to 2-3 degrees F below normal for the start of July.

However, temperatures and humidity will rise to round out the week.

According the AccuWeather Meteorologist Brian Thompson, the rise in temperatures in the Southeast late this week will be attributed to a ridge of high pressure that will build over the next few days.

After the cool start to the month, the return of the heat and humidity will be quite noticeable to many living in cities stretching from New Orleans and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Daytime highs will easily cross the 90-degree F mark, with near triple digits expected across inland regions of the Carolinas on Thursday.

The intensity of the heat paired with dew points in the upper 60s F to middle 70s F will make it feel downright oppressive.

The temperature will actually feel like it's above 100 degrees F after both heat and humidity are factored into it.

Although the weekend will remain quite warm with widespread temperatures in the lower 90s F on Friday and Saturday, the hottest day will be on Thursday.

The slight shift of the ridge to the west will be responsible for the modest dip in temperatures late weekend and for the start of next week.