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Relief From Heat in Northern Europe, South Stays Hot

Historic heat has already come to an end in locations such as London and Paris, but areas from Berlin to Warsaw and Budapest still must endure at least one more hot day before much cooler air arrives.

London can expect high temperatures between 21 and 24 C (70 and 75 F) through Friday. The normal high is around 21 C (70 F) this time of the year.

Paris has also already cooled down significantly from the record heat that was felt on July 1; however, one final warm day is expected on Tuesday before a cold front accompanied by gusty showers and thunderstorms moves into the area. Behind this front, high temperatures will be 21 (70 F) on Wednesday and 23 C (73 F) on Thursday. The normal high this time of the year is 23.3 C (74 F).

The heat will scorch Berlin for one final day on Tuesday with a high near 32 C (90 F). Gusty thunderstorms will move through Berlin at night bringing an end to the heat. After reaching a high of 38 C (100 F) over the weekend, the high will be only 19 C (66 F) on Thursday.

Warsaw will continue to endure above-normal warmth into Wednesday; however, cooler air will begin to arrive Wednesday afternoon after showers and thunderstorms move through the area in the morning. Temperatures will reach 31 C (87 F ) on Tuesday before temperatures begin to fall Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday, the high will climb to only 19 C (66 F).

While people living in northern Europe will finally get needed relief from the heat, those living in southern Europe will continue to endure scorching heat this week.

Areas from Portugal and Spain through Italy and southeastern Europe will continue to deal with uncomfortable heat.

Bucharest is expecting temperatures as high as 35 C (95 F) through Thursday before some cooler air finally arrives on Friday with showers and thunderstorms.

Madrid will also continue to face unseasonable heat. While Bucharest and parts of eastern Europe will have some relief by the end of the week, the high in Madrid will climb to 38 C (100 F) or higher each day through this weekend.