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Perfect Day Shaping Up for Tour de France Monday

After dealing with heat, wind and rain this weekend, cyclists and fans will welcome a perfect day for the Tour de France on Monday.

Monday's Stage 3 of the Tour de France will take cyclists from Antwerp to Huy, Belgium. The main weather concern along this route will be whether enough sunscreen was applied as abundant sunshine will prevail underneath an area of high pressure.

Low humidity will compliment the sunshine and temperatures will range from the lower 20s C (68 to 76 F) along the stage.

A high near 21 C (70 F) is more common in early July in central Belgium, where highs in the 30s C (90s F) were recorded during the recent heat wave.

The ideal weather will come to an end with Monday as the high will give way to an approaching cold front.

Ahead of the front, warmer air and a slight uptick in humidity will follow for Tuesday. Temperatures along the Stage 4 route from Seraing, Belgium, to Cambrai, France, are set to rise into the upper 20s C (lower 80s F) before the front swings through.

The approaching front will trigger a shower or thunderstorm along the stage in the afternoon. Tuesday's race will not be a washout, but a thunderstorm rumbling in the vicinity of the cyclists could lead to a delay.

As soon as thunder is heard, the threat of being struck by lightning--when even on a bicycle--is present.

A gusty breeze from the west will be blowing as the cyclists reach Cambrai later Tuesday. These winds will be ushering in the cooler air that will dominate Stage 5 on Wednesday.