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Severe Storms to Reach From Raleigh to Oklahoma City Friday

A corridor of severe thunderstorms will reach from Oklahoma to the Carolinas on Friday ahead of the holiday weekend.

While these storms will occur before Independence Day, they can still impact early holiday festivities, such as firework displays, on Friday and Friday night.

Breaking: Dangerous Storms Slam the South Friday

These late-week thunderstorms will develop along a stationary front that is hung up across the southern extent of the Appalachian Mountains and back across the southern Plains.

This includes Oklahoma City, Norman, and Tulsa, Oklahoma; Little Rock and Fort Smith, Arkansas; Memphis and Chattanooga, Tennessee; Tupelo, Mississippi; Huntsville and Birmingham, Alabama; and Charlotte, Asheville and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Similar to the storms that fired over this portion of the country earlier in the week, damaging wind gusts and flash flooding are expected to be the greatest concerns.

Winds may occasionally gust past 60 mph as these storms blow through, strong enough to bring down trees and create sporadic power outages.

People that have already started to set up for an Independence Day party in their backyard may want to secure their lawn furniture and party supplies so they don't get blown away if one of these storms moves through.

Soaking downpours can also leave yards bogged down, leaving behind a soggy yard for backyard barbecues on Saturday.

Many of the thunderstorms across the region should taper off after sunset, but a few may continue into the night. Those that do are not likely to produce severe weather, but may still bring torrential downpours that can cause flooding issues.

Another round of showers and thunderstorms can be expected across a similar swath of the country on Saturday. However, Saturday's storms are not expected to be as strong as those on Friday afternoon.

These storms, while not severe, can still lead to disruptions in festivities such as parades, fairs, and firework displays.

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