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Renewed UK Warmth to Spark Thundery Showers

Unusually warm weather will spread over much of the United Kingdom Friday and Saturday, setting up outbreaks of thundery showers.

Temperature in the East, the South and the Midland of England will climb as high as 30 degrees Celsius.

Thundery showers late on Friday and on Friday night will pose a threat of localized torrential rain, high winds and hail over most of England and Wales.

While daytime warmth will weigh upon tennis play at Wimbledon, the mainly nighttime timing of thundery showers should bring little rain impact to the tournament.

This hotter spell of weather follows record-setting heat on Wednesday, when temperature soared as high as 36.7 C at London's Heathrow Airport. This was the highest temperature ever registered in the United Kingdom in the month of July.

Beginning Sunday, the United Kingdom will cool somewhat, though temperature will tend to remain at least marginally above normal.