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Flooding Downpours, Winds Aim for Mississippi River Valley Wednesday

After a wet month of June, the central Mississippi River Valley will kick off the new month with the threat for gusty thunderstorms and flooding downpours.

Low pressure emerging from the Front Range on Wednesday pushes across the center of the country throughout the day. By the afternoon, this low will push out heavy rain ahead of it into parts of Iowa and Missouri.

North Central Short-Range Regional Weather Forecast

Storms will first start in central and southern Missouri on Wednesday, with some downpours that could be heavy enough for flash flooding. However throughout the afternoon and into Wednesday night, thunderstorms will be potent as they move southeast, bringing with them heavy rain and damaging wind gusts to 60 mph.

Cities such as St. Louis, Missouri; Cape Girardeau, Missouri, and Paducah, Kentucky, will have the drenching storms turning stronger in the afternoon, bringing the threat for strong winds. Persistent rain and any heavy downpours could be enough to cause flash flooding on the already saturated ground.

Interstates that will be impacted by heavy downpours, which could slow travel, include I-70, I-44, I-64 and I-55. For the evening commute, these downpours could stretch as far as I-40 and I-24.

Thunderstorms will remain heavy in the evening for eastern Missouri and into northern parts of Arkansas, but the heaviest rain likely will move eastward into the cities of Clarksville and Nashville Tennessee, as well as Bowling Green, Kentucky. Although there could be a few isolated strong wind gusts, the threats primarily reaching these cities east of the Mississippi River will be heavy, and potentially flooding rain.

As the low moves eastward, flooding rain will stretch off to the east into Thursday. The system will leave behind a trail of showers and thunderstorms through the end of the week from Virginia and North Carolina to Oklahoma.

The city of St. Louis had a remarkable amount of rain during the month of June. With more than 3 inches alone in the last week of June, a total of 13.14 inches of rain accumulated in the city. The average rainfall amount for June is 4.28 inches, meaning the city reached this total more than three times over.