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Chan-Hom Aims for Guam This Weekend, China to Japan on Alert Next Week

A new tropical threat has developed in the western Pacific Ocean as Tropical Storm Chan-Hom continues to gain strength.

Currently hundreds of miles to the southeast of Guam, Chan-Hom is expected to strengthen over the next several days as it increases in speed toward the west.

A turn more toward the northwest is expected later this week which will take Chan-Hom just north of Guam and through the Northern Mariana Islands.

Impacts to the Mariana Islands and including Guam, are expected from Friday into the weekend. Chan-Hom will continue to threaten and likely become a typhoon prior to moving through the islands resulting in damaging winds and flooding rainfall.

AccuWeather meteorologists expect a continued track to the west and northwest next week as the strengthening cyclone moves over the open Pacific Ocean between Guam and Taiwan.

The combination of very warm ocean waters and relatively low wind shear will provide an ideal environment for Chan-Hom strengthen with the potential for rapid intensification into a super typhoon early next week.

Strengthening into a very large and dangerous cyclone is expected regardless of whether or not super typhoon status is reached.

Areas from Taiwan through eastern China, South Korea and southern Japan could endure impacts from from Chan-Hom late next week depending on the exact track of the cyclone.

Due to the large size and expected strengthening, this cyclone will be capable of producing life-threatening conditions within several hundred kilometers of its track.

Anyone with interests from Taiwan and eastern China to Japan could closely monitoring this cyclone over the next week as further information on exact impacts become available.

Meteorologist Adam Douty contributed to this story.