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Madrid to Challenge June Record High Amid Lengthy Heat Wave

Spain and Portugal are locked into a prolonged and dangerous heat wave which will continue into early July, during which Madrid will challenge June's all-time record high.

This dangerous heat is expected to peak on Monday and Tuesday with records falling in many locations across Spain and Portugal.

Widespread highs in the upper 30s and lower 40s C (100s F) are expected across most of eastern Portugal and central and southern Spain.

"Some places in southern Spain will record a high of 43.3 C (110 F) or greater through Tuesday," stated AccuWeather Meteorologist Tyler Roys. At the same time, a few communities in the lower elevations of northern Spain will reach 38 C (100 F).

More typical June highs range from around 23 C (73 F) in Logrono in northern Spain to 28 C (82 F) in Madrid to 33 C (91 F) in Cordoba in southern Spain.

Madrid hit 38 C (100 F) on Saturday and surpassed that with a high of 39.2 C (102.6 F) on Sunday. This temperature is less than 1 degree below the all-time June high temperature.

Highs are expected to climb to near 40 C (104 F) on Monday and Tuesday which would break the all-time June high of 39.9 C (103.8 F) recorded at Madrid-Barajas Airport. Previously temperatures had not hit 38 C (100 F) in Madrid since the Barajas Airport recorded a high of 37.8 C (100 F) on Sept. 2, 2014.

Cordoba will also challenge its June record high of 45 C (113 F) from June 26, 1965. The temperature peaked at 43.7 C (110.7 F) on Sunday. Temperatures will peak on Monday with a high near the all-time record. Even though temperatures will fall slightly from Tuesday through Friday, the heat will still be dangerous during the afternoon.

Those looking to escape the heat should plan to head to the beaches, including Barcelona, as wind flowing in off the water will keep temperatures from soaring as high as inland locations.

To beat the heat inland, "People are reminded to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and avoid strenuous activities during the midday and afternoon hours [the hottest times of the day]." added Roys. "There will not be any cooling thunderstorms developing in the afternoon."

July will start with the warmth surging northward to Paris, Brussels, London and Berlin, but that does not mean an end to the heat in Spain.

"There will be a slight lowering of temperatures during the middle of the week before the heat builds back for next weekend," stated Roys. The position of the jet stream should help keep the intense heat from returning to northern Portugal and northwestern Spain.

Roys stressed the word "slight" for central and eastern Spain since temperatures will still be well above normal.

With more heat to follow for next weekend, this heat wave in Madrid will rival the one the city endured in July 2005.

"During seven out of the 10 days from July 13 to July 22 [of that year], temperatures rose to or exceeded 37.8 C (100 F)," stated Roys.

Kristina Pydynowski, senior meteorologist contributed to this story.