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Moonwalking Michael Jackson Mirage Appears in Lightning-Illuminated Cloud

Six years after Michael Jackson died of cardiac arrest, the king of pop made an unusual "appearance" in an unlikely place during a June 23 lightning storm. While photographing a thunderstorm over Goochland County, Virginia, John Plashal took an image that was viewed by some as Micheal Jackson moonwalking.

Using radarscope, a storm chasing app, the recreational photographer states he set up his camera and tri-pod with the hope of capturing some images of the storm.

"I wanted to get an old church in the background, but I couldn't because of where the anvil crawlers (lightning that spreads through anvil clouds) were coming, so I ended up taking it by the side of a mall", Plashal said. "I got a couple good shots which included the Micheal Jackson one, but I didn't notice at the time what was in it."

Plashal would eventually send these photos to a local meteorologist at WTVR CBS 6, which is something he typically does with his storm photos.

"I didn't realize how viral the image became until my phone and my Facebook started blowing up from international companies like CNN, USA Today, and all these U.K. news bureaus," Plashal said.

Plashal said it has become overwhelming as he has spent these last few days trying to return phone calls and sign forms as the photo became more and more popular over the Internet.

"I wish people would appreciate for what it is, a lightning shot, but I can understand why people are fascinated with the celebrity."