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Tropical Storm Kujira to Impact Southern China

Tropical Storm Kujira will slowly gain strength while bringing flooding rain and wind to southern China during the first half of the week.

Tropical Storm Kujira formed on Saturday morning, EDT, or Saturday evening local time. Kujira will drift slowly to the north through the first half of this week, eventually bringing flooding rain and locally damaging wind to the southern China coast.

An eventual landfall is expected to occur on Tuesday, local time, in far western areas of Guangdong.

The primary threat from Tropical Storm Kujira will be potentially life-threatening, flooding rainfall. One area with the greatest concern is along the southern coast of China from Hainan Island and the Leizhou Peninsula, east into western Fujian. This also includes Hong Kong and Guangzhou, one of the most populous areas in the world.

A second zone of flooding rainfall is expected to occur in the western portion of the Philippines island of Luzon. This does include Manila, though the heaviest rain should fall just to the west and north of the city.

Within these areas of flooding concern, 74-150 mm (3-6 inches) of rain will be common through the first half of the week. Isolated areas will have in excess of 250 mm (10 inches) of rain where the center of the storm comes onshore and where persistent rain bands set up.

Wind gusts near the center of the storm at landfall could reach 80 kph (about 50 mph). This will be strong enough to bring isolated wind damage, but damaging wind will not extend far from the center of the storm. The threat for wind damage will be greatest in western Guangdong, east of Hong Kong.

Tropical Storm Kujira will rapidly weaken and dissipate during the middle of the week as the center moves onshore. However, a flow of tropical moisture will keep the risk for heavy downpours in southeastern China into the second half of the week.

AccuWeather meteorologists have been watching this area for tropical development over the past week. Meteorologists also expect tropical activity to increase across the Philippines Sea and into Micronesia through the end of the month.