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Women's World Cup: Rain to Dampen Some Weekend Matches

The Women's World Cup Round of 16 commences this weekend and rain threatens to dampen a couple of the matches.

The matches most likely to be dampened by rain this weekend are taking place in Edmonton on Saturday and Moncton on Sunday. The same would be said for the match in Montreal if not for the roof covering Olympic Stadium.

Showers will be around Edmonton, site of the match between China and Cameroon, late Saturday before diminishing during the overnight hours. If some sunshine can break though the clouds, it is not out of the question for a rumble of thunder to be heard.

Even if no rain falls during the match, the pitch could still be wet from any shower that occurs earlier in the afternoon.

In addition to keeping rain gear handy, fans heading to Commonwealth Stadium will want to bring along a light jacket. Saturday will otherwise be a cool day in Edmonton with temperatures set to only rise to near 19 F (65 F) expected. A high close to 21 C (70 F) is more common during the middle of June.

Prior to the match in Edmonton, Germany is set to face Sweden Saturday afternoon in Ottawa. Clouds will increase at the time, but rain will hold off until the late at night and on Sunday.

Combined with low humidity and seasonable temperatures in the lower 20s C (lower 70s F), players and fans may view Saturday afternoon's weather as ideal for the match.

The potential for showers dampening World Cup play will return on Sunday when Brazil faces Australia in Moncton in the afternoon. While current indications point toward the showers being most numerous after the match, a preceding spotty shower or two could still slow play for a time.

A breeze from the south-southwest with gusts to 40 kph (25 mph) will otherwise blow Sunday afternoon as clouds win out over sunshine. Temperatures in Moncton will be rising to around 21 C (70 F) during the match.

Numerous showers and thunderstorms will target Montreal when France takes on South Korea Sunday afternoon. The good news is that the roof of Olympic Stadium will protect the match and prevent delays and impacts to players.

Fans planning to spend some time outdoors around Montreal, however, will need rain gear and should be prepared to seek shelter. As soon as thunder is heard, the danger of being struck by lightning is present.

Some of the thunderstorms will also unleash blinding and locally flooding downpours, posing risks to fans driving to and from the match.

The final World Cup match of the weekend will be played in Vancouver with Canada facing Switzerland. While clouds will limit sunshine, no rain or strong winds are in the forecast.

Players and fans can instead expect comfortable conditions with temperatures in the lower 20s C (lower 70s F).