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Friday Storms to Blow Across Northern Plains

The week will end on a stormy note across the northern Plains as severe weather hits the region.

Those looking to get a jump start on the Father's Day weekend in the outdoors may want to consider moving their plans until later in the weekend to avoid the risk of severe storms.

Rapid City and Sioux Falls, South Dakota; Bismarck and Grand Forks, North Dakota; and Milds City, Montana, are just a few cities that will be in the path of the gusty storms on Friday afternoon and Friday night.

Thunderstorms are forecast to initiate late in the day on Friday over eastern Montana and the western Dakotas before racing eastward throughout the overnight hours.

Unlike most thunderstorms that weaken heading into the night, some of these storms are likely to intensify as they progress eastward under the cover of darkness.

This can make the storms a bit more dangerous since they will be more difficult to see when they are approaching.

Those with weather radios are urged to keep them turned on throughout the night so you are alerted when the storms are approaching and can take cover.

The most widespread danger with these storms will be damaging wind gusts which can occasionally be stronger than 70 mph.

This is strong enough to bring down trees, create sporadic power outages, and cause property damage.

While not as widespread, large hail and flooding downpours will also be possible with the severe thunderstorms, with the strongest storms possibly spinning up a few tornadoes.

Thunderstorm activity will decrease over the northern Plains for the Father's Day weekend; however, thunderstorms will not completely depart the region.

Areas that are hit with storms on Friday afternoon or night can expect dry weather for Saturday, making for more favorable conditions for outdoor activities.

Some showers and thunderstorms will make a return to the region by Sunday, but Sunday's storms are not expected to turn severe.

People should keep in mind though that severe or not, every thunderstorm produces lightning which can quickly turn dangerous.