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Cooler in UK After Warm Wednesday

A pattern of near- to below-normal temperature and little in the way of rain will settle over the United Kingdom through at least Friday.

Wales, along with most of England, will benefit from the presence of strong high pressure hovering south west of Ireland. Highs will range daily under sunny intervals from 15 to 20 C.

Meanwhile, Scotland and into the North of England will see scattered outbreaks of generally light showers.

Cooling Thursday follows what was for some places in England the warmest day of the year thus far. Heathrow, for instance, Wednesday registered 26.4 degrees Celsius, topping narrowly thereby the warmth of June 12.

A look ahead to Saturday will show that the United Kingdom will tend to warm somewhat, albeit with an increasing tendency toward showery outbreaks by Sunday as low pressure begins to weigh upon the weather.