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Heavy Rain to Soak India as Monsoonal Moisture Drifts Northward

The monsoon season is underway in India with heavy rain expected across some of the country through the week.

Moisture from the Arabian Sea will continue to be directed into India, as expected during the summer months during the monsoon season. This moisture will fuel periods of rain, some of which will be heavy at times through the week.

Daily downpours, along with thick clouds and cooler temperatures, will impact coastal areas from Surat to Mumbai and farther south to Mangaluru and Kochi.

"Some places will see 50 to 100 mm (2.00 to 4.00 inches) of rain daily due to the abundance of moisture in the region," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Rob Richards.

The heaviest rain will be focused on the western coast of India but scattered showers and storms will be found across much of India, especially during the afternoons and evenings. New Delhi will likely see storms rumble through at times through the week. Nearly an inch of rain fell on June 14.

Mumbai has already seen several wet days recently. On June 12, 114 mm (4.50 inches) of rain soaked the city with another 70 mm (2.76 inches) coming June 14. Most of the rain across the region falls during the summer monsoon months, with 23.09 inches normally occurring in June. On average, the monsoon season begins June 10 in Mumbai.

The rain will also help hold temperatures at bay, giving some relief to the deadly heat that swept through the country in May. A heat wave last month was responsible for over 2,300 deaths across the country. Temperatures were so hot that they even melted roads in some cities.

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The monsoon will continue to push northward through the rest of the month, eventually reaching New Delhi towards the end of June.

Monsoonal moisture plays a big role in crop farming across the country and the economy highly depends on it. While the rain is happily seen at this time, too much can cause crop damage and create flooding. On the other end, too little will induce drought which can devastate crops and drinking supplies.

According to the AccuWeather Asia Summer Forecast, rainfall during this summer monsoon season is expected to be below normal which will lead to significant drought and devastating impacts on agriculture.