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Damaging Thunderstorm to Threaten Europe Early Week

The threat for damaging thunderstorms will remain across portions of Europe through the beginning of the week. A cold front, along with an area of low pressure, will lead to flooding thunderstorms around the Alps and severe thunderstorms in eastern Europe.

Heavy thunderstorms have soaked northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria through the weekend. A thunderstorm moved across Milan, Italy on Sunday bringing a brief, but soaking downpour to the city.


A similar weather pattern will remain across the region on Monday and on Tuesday, continuing the threat for heavy rainfall. A few thunderstorms will bring 25-75 mm (1-3 inches) of rain across the region leading to the threat for flash flooding.

The region will see the return of drier conditions through the second half of the week as the area of low pressure drifts further to the south into the Mediterranean Sea.

Another area that is expected to see damaging thunderstorms will stretch from northern Romania and Hungary into Ukraine and Belarus. On Monday and Tuesday a cold front moving southward across eastern Europe will spark severe thunderstorms capable of bringing damaging wind gusts and hail.

Areas from Lublin, Poland to Kiev, Ukraine will be at risk for damaging storms. Monday is expected to bring the most widespread threat of severe weather.

As this system moves further to the south during the middle of the week the threat for damaging thunderstorms will lessen by Wednesday. Numerous showers and thunderstorms will be seen from Italy into the Balkans during the middle of the week.