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Rounds of Severe Storms Aim From Chicago to DC Sunday

Strong storms with heavy rain and gusty winds will close out the weekend from the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic with no change in the pattern through the new week.

Continuing the transition into a typical summertime pattern, more thunderstorms and unsettled weather will track from the center of the country into the Midwest on Sunday. Later in the day, these storms move through Pennsylvania, southern New York and western Maryland before tapering off in the evening.

This means that cities from Chicago and Detroit to Washington, D.C. and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, will be in the path of stronger thunderstorms.

Thunderstorms in these areas are likely to be strong enough to bring torrential downpours and damaging wind gusts in excess of 60 mph. While these remain the main threats, some small hail is also possible.

Interstate 80 could be dealing with these severe thunderstorms from Chicago to Cleveland through the day, but I-80 and I-76 in Pennsylvania will only be impacted during the afternoon and early evening.

High pressure still holding over the southeastern Atlantic Coast continues to bring heat and Gulf moisture through the Southeast behind this front. This is colliding with chilly Canadian air pushing into the Northeast, creating the dynamic for strong storms to erupt.

This pattern is expected to continue into the early part of the workweek, with rounds of strong storms stretching from Illinois to Pennsylvania and Maryland on Monday.

It isn't until the high in the Southeast breaks down on Wednesday or Thursday that the pattern starts to change.